Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Social Media, Loneliness and Depression

Personally, I find social media to be incredibly unhelpful when I am feeling particularly unhappy and lonely.

Sometimes I (mistakenly) think that taking to the massive online social gathering places such as Twitter and Facebook will be a great quick fix for a low mood - lots of friendly, interesting people ready and waiting to chat, listen to my woes, share theirs and all-in-all leave everyone feeling better for it. If only that were the case.

Social Media through depressed/lonely/unhappy eyes is a truly horrific place full of self-centred people only interested in themselves and publicising the finer aspects of their own lives - a thoroughly anti-social experience. *Be warned, I am currently viewing the world through such depressed eyes*.

I find myself lost in a mire of other people's wonderful holidays, expensive purchases, new jobs, weddings, babies, new homes and people who don't even seem to know I exist (or care). This is probably a pretty harsh judgement (and isn't true 100% of the time) but it is how social media affects me when I feel like this, most of the time anyway.

To be honest, with all these online social meeting places I have never felt so alone. 

Does anyone else find this? Or am I just being ridiculous, melodramatic and actually quite self-centred myself?


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