Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Ups and Downs of my Weekend

A look at the things that have picked me up or knocked me down over the past two days.
I hope this is going to be a healthy retrospective. Remembering good things is very important when you're depressed, but I can also see the benefit of recognising the negatives; to try and avoid those circumstances in future or to recognise approaching bad patches so you can prepare. My therapist always reminds me that balance is important so I don't see why I should completely ignore bad things in favour of good things, that can't be healthy either.


The Ups

  • Not Working all Weekend - Yep, I did not uni work all weekend. It's usually the easiest way to take my mind off my work related troubles.
  • New Clothes - I bought some new clothes online earlier in the week and they arrived on Saturday. It might be the last time I can indulge myself like that for a while, due to suspending my studies, so it was even more special. One of the things I bought was a big chunky knit cardigan that is so soft and warm and cosy, I can see myself wearing this a lot over the winter! Big comforting knitwear can definitely make me smile.
  • Free Make-Up - I got a free Models Own lipgloss in Boots, for buying two bottles of Diet Coke. Definitely a reason to smile.
  • Baking - On Saturday evening I made Chocolate Truffles which will be Christmas presents. I enjoy baking, especially when trying new recipes that work well. I wrote about it on my other blog - Here.
  • Painting my Nails - This is more generally symbolic of taking time off and pampering myself a bit. I had a bath, used a face mask, washed my hair and painted my nails. It was nice.
  • Blogging - Through not working, I've had some free time for writing some blogs. I really enjoy writing my blogs, and having chance to write a few posts is great.
  • Talking to friends - I haven't exactly kept my recent wobbly period quiet, with a few miserable and sometimes vindictive facebook statuses, that I'm not proud of. At least there has been some positive effect, and a couple of friends have taken time to check how I am and talk to me about what's wrong. I find it hard to remember that people care when there isn't recent specific evidence of it, so having people take their time to talk to me will always make me feel better (unless I feel they're having a go at me).
The Downs
  • Not Working all Weekend - I have a presentation to give on Tuesday that I probably should have been working on. This is likely to catch up with me tomorrow.
  • New Clothes - Buying clothes on the internet doesn't always work out, especially if you buy jeans. I tried on my new size 12 jeans and they were a little on the tight side, not great for my mood. I spent most of the rest of the evening feeling fat and worrying about having to go into the city centre to exchange for a bigger size.
  • Jealousy - I don't want to go into too much detail on this. It's just that I know a lot of people who seem to have everything going right when it seems like so much is going wrong for me. Feeling jealous never helps my mood.

Overall, I can't really complain about my weekend. I have recognised the things that have made me feel bad and am working to remedy them, . I have also recognised the things that have helped me feel better, that I should remember for future reference.

I hope your weekend has had more ups than downs, or at least that you can pin point the causes of your downs to avoid them in future.
Best Wishes,

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