Friday, 25 November 2011

Thank You

This is a bit of a cheat post, as I'm just going to link you to my other blog :/
Yesterday was Thanksgiving so I wrote about things I am thankful for. I am in a decent place at the moment so it's not too hard to think about the good things, but even if you're in a dark place I think writing down even one thing you are thankful for can be helpful. Even if it is really small, it's a starting point. Be thankful for central heating, having food in your cupboards, a song that makes you feel better, anything!
The hardest part is usually remembering the good things when you feel low; try putting the things you are thankful for on a post-it note and sticking it next to your bed or on a mirror, somewhere you will see it in the morning as a reminder.

This is my post from yesterday;

Hope you are keeping well,

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