Friday, 12 August 2011

Here I Go Again. On My Own

Not totally unsurprsingly, I've taken a bit of a turn for the worse. Two weeks of almost non-stop work in largely self imposed solitary confinement probably wouldn't do much for the most chipper of people.
Being on my own has always been something I've struggled with. After six weeks of managing to deal with the fact that my boyfriend is 7 time zones away, and I having not made any notable advances in my relationships with other people, this week has just been too much. I want him to come home so much. For six weeks, the exciting plans of how good things would be when he got home, going away and me being generally happier, were enough to keep me going. Now, realising I'm still only half way through, I've lost that focus and all I can feel is the pain of the separation.
I'm in that place where I can't even see anything that will make me feel better.
Welcome Back,
Black Betty

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