Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Small Victories

Sometimes with depression you have to take the small victories, large victories are often few and far between, and just the process of identifying the good things can be helpful.
The best thing about today; it was better than yesterday. Simple as that really.
Mostly, today was better because I cried a heck of a lot less, I took positive steps in helping myself by a) emailing my supervisor about my recent difficulties b) making an appointment to see my GP (even if it isn't until a week next Monday) c) I did the washing up and d) setting up this blog. I also ate a proper dinner and had a bath. These seem like everyday things, but I've failed on all fronts for the past few days.
In comparison, the highlight of yesterday was getting nearly £7 worth of duck for £3 thanks to Tesco's replacement product policy.
On the down side, my lunch consisted of almost half a carrot cake (yesterday my lunch was 2 chocolate eclairs), lunch has never been something I've been very good at. Also, I've spent most of the day feeling slightly like the top half of my head has been anaesthetised. It's actually something that's quite hard to explain. Basically, I've felt like I've been sat somewhere inside my own head, quite detached and removed from what's actually happening. It's quite disconcerting and can make it difficult to do things. Sometimes this kind of numbness can go as far as to affect my coordination, and my hands become very cumbersome, things like typing and handling anything become much more difficult. My typing hasn't been on top form, but mostly my hands haven't been functioning too badly today.

My primary objective for tomorrow is to get my prescription filled at the pharmacy. Getting as much work done as I can kinda goes without saying. Hopefully I'll receive a reply from my supervisor and then I can try to deal with whatever that brings up.


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