Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mixed Messages

As you can probably tell, the purpose of this blog isn't entirely clear in my mind, with my mixture of positive advice alongside very negative personal feelings and experiences. I suppose my overall ethos is to provide a full account of what it is like to live with depression, and capitalise on my more positive days by trying to help any of you who are suffering with practical and realistic advice. In trying to show what depression is like, it would be irresponsible to hide my darker days and make out like a positive attitude is all you need and pretend that the path to recovery is straight forward and without set backs.
I do hope to be able to offer more positive messages than rants and negative experiences, but that isn't something I can guarantee. I'm currently working on two more advice based posts, one on managing a relationship either as or with a depressed partner and one on the effectiveness of anti-depressants. Unfortunately, I do have a day job alongside this which really has to take precedence, particularly at the moment. I hope to get some hope to you soon.

Thanks for bearing with me,

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