Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Hectic Emotions

I am not in a great place right now.
The past few days have been turbulent, emotionally speaking. My moods have ranged from being hideously grumpy, through crying all the way to laughing hysterics. To be honest, it hasn’t been much fun and has left me really quite exhausted.
Somehow, no matter the range of my emotions, they never seem to pass through any point of feeling normal, calm or able to properly undertake necessary tasks (like cleaning, working or washing).
I’m getting really fed up with these moods, I’m getting frustrated and angry with myself. I just want to feel happy, not in a crazy, hyper way that doesn’t last and leaves me feeling drained, in a sustained, calm and content way, a way in which I’m actually happy with and in myself. Right now that seems like such a distant and unachievable thing, which is depressing in itself.
This is a horrible, desolate, hopeless place to be. It destroys any enthusiasm I could possibly muster.

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