Saturday, 14 May 2011

Fat Day

So, I had intended to write here again before now, but with blogger being down for a significant part of yesterday I never actually got around to it.
I did get hold of my medication and slowly began feeling less fuzzy, although it did take a lot longer than I had hoped. It was after dinner before I actually felt 'normal', so to speak.
Today has been a horrible waste of a day, I didn't get any work done and I feel ridiculously guilty because of it. However, my main gripe of the day is my weight. Low mood, unsurprisingly translates into not enough exercise and too much eating, largely of fatty, sugary, carby junk. So I'm feeling flabby and hideous, but with very little energy for doing anything about it. It's a nasty, and very unproductive cycle of eating and feeling lousy and eating. Two weeks ago, before the boyf got back from Europe, I had lost 2 pounds off my standard 11 stone. Today I am 5 pounds up on that, and only one more week before the boyf returns from his second trip away, I don't think he'll be pleased with what he finds. I've also had my mind on my weight as I go on holiday in 4 weeks and I'd like to feel at least half way decent in a swimsuit. Doesn't feel very likely right now.
I really shouldn't have made a caramel slice today, and really, really shouldn't have eaten 2 pieces of it.
I am a fool,

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